Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Battlefield 4 ModBox l Hacks And Cheats

Welcome to our blog, on here you are going to find a detailed Tutorial on how to get our Battlefield 4 Hack,Dlc's,SeasonPass and of course how to use it correctly. Please make sure to follow every Step of the Tutorial to make sure everything works fine, if you have any trouble regarding using Tool, Read the READ-ME file or Contact Us.
Battlefield 4 Modbox Tool is a simple tool used for Battlefield 4 Modding . It is the only modding tool that can be used without a JTAG. So now almost everyone can mod on Battlefield 4. There is no need for a JTAG, Modded Xbox, or a Transfer Cable. Everything is done on the pc to the xbox 360. 

With an experienced development team that has written hacks for Battlefield Bad Company, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 – We’re prepared to release our most powerful hack yet for Battlefield 4.

Our Battlefield 4 hack is designed with the 64-bit version of the game in mind, meaning you must be using a 64-bit operating system to run our hack.We also offer this tool for Mac User's.
For 32-bit Read the below article.

Undetected and Punkbuster & Fairfight Screenshot Proof

Stay safe with undetected code and Punkbuster screenshot cleaning. While our competitor's software leaves screenshots un-cleaned, our hack cleans every screenshot before Punkbuster sees it, avoiding bans and keeping your account safe.
Our ModBox has been developed with our user's safety in mind, to counter or avoid these anti-cheat programs. Everything we choose to implement into our hack, from our menu to each feature, is first reviewed with user safety in mind, so the features we add are not increasing the chance of anti-cheat detection.

Features :

Battlefield 4 DLC's
Unlock Ranks 
Unlock BattlePacks
Ultimate Unlocks 

Battlefield 4 DLC's:

You can download any Battlefield 4 dlc from using our Modbox tool. Simply you have to check your desire dlc and select your platform with your GamerTag or ID and click the generate button..When you have your code, redeem it in your platform network.For more information follow the instructions given in read me file attach with Modbox tool. 
NOTE: You can not redeem any EXPANSION PACK Code until release .

Unlock Ranks 
  • Sergeant
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Gunnery Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Sergeant Major
  • Warrant Officer One
  • Second Lieutenant
  • First Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lt. Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier
  • General

  • Aimbot
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Wall Hack
  • God Mod
  • Speed Hack
  • Super Jump
  • ESP
  • Rapid Fire
  • Dog Tags
  • QBZ-95-1
 Unlock BattlePacks

  • Standard (Grey)
  • Advanced (white)
  • Superior (blue)
  • Distinguished (orange)
Ultimate Unlocks

You can download any Battlefield 4 Premium Season Pass from using our Modbox tool. Simply you have to select your platform with your GamerTag or ID and click the generate button..When you have your code, redeem it in your platform network.For more information follow the instructions given in read me file attach with Modbox tool. 

Download Instructions:

You can Download Battlefield 4 ModBox Tool  by Clicking Download Button below.
Download Battlefield 4 ModBox
After Completing Short Anti Spam Offer Save the Battlefield 4 ModBox Tool in your desktop and open it. Make sure you read the READ-ME file before going to use this tool.

[TUTORIAL] How to Open You USB Drive and Extract a Save

First Download 360Revolution

Once you have downloaded and extracted 360Revolution you can then Open it.

Once open expand “Tools” and click USB Explorer

Posted Image

At the next Window select “File>Open” and then wait for you USB Device to come up. Once your USB Memory Unit is recognized double click on it.

Posted Image

Next Expand Data>Content until you see your profile or profiles. Select your profile from the list. If you have multiple profiles and have never used game saves before you will have to look through all of the profiles to find the one that looks like the one you have been using. Once you find your profile expand it to see your current saves.

Posted Image

Now expand the save folder you are going to want to extract by clicking on the folder until you see you save file in the right hand window. The save will always be in the “00000001” folder. Once you see you save file you will have to right click and select extract. When the save window comes up you can save the file wherever you want to. I would suggest the Desktop so you can find it easily.

Posted Image

[TUTORIAL] How to Get Your ID’s and Rehash/Resign Downloaded Saves

If you haven't already extracted a save or don't know how to do it then follow this Tutorial HERE

After you extracted a save from your USB Memory Unit you will now expand “Tools” and select the Package Manager. Once the Package Manager is open, Click "Open" in the top left corner. Now browse to the save file you extracted and select and Open it.

Posted Image

Now once the file is opened you will see your Profile ID, Console ID, and Device ID. Now click "File" in the top left hand corner again and select “Save ID's” and you can choose which set you would like to save your ID’s too so that you don’t have to copy and paste them every time you want to use a downloaded game save.

Posted Image

Now you can open any downloaded gamesave in the package manager, use the ID Set drop down box and select which set you saved your ID's to earlier. It will put your Profile ID, Device ID, and Console ID into the appropriate boxes. Now simply click the Rehash/Resign button and you can then inject the save back into your USB Memory Unit and you can now use the downloaded game save.

Posted Image

Battlefield 4 Load n Pop 34 for 725G Campaign Complete


Load n Pop Achievement Save
725G Campaign Complete

Make sure you resign and rehash with your own profile id, device id and console id
If your having problems using saves follow the Tutorial given in last post.
Start BF4 Load correct device with this save.
Then select Replay Mission 
Select the Final mission and on Hard then play.
As soon as the cutscene starts you will get a achievement pop messsage for 34 for 725G
All do pop in legit correct order I have personally check this twice on dummy profiles
"Full Arsenal" and "Recon" Achievements need to be done as soon as you get the last collectible
this will unlock both of these achievements, I'll get a save up for that too, but as I saw loads asking for BF4 Save I upped mine.

Battlefield 4 Load n Pop Recon 65G & Full Arsenal 65G



Load n Pop Achievement Save
Recon and Full Arsenal for 130G

I said I'd do a save for the final two achievements and here you go.

Simple Resign and Rehash with your own Profile, Console and Device id's
All you need to do is load the save and select Campaign and Resume
You will find yourself just after coming out of the elevator look above the elevator and hold X on the Dog Tag and pop goes the cheevo, Recon 65G and Full Arsenal 65G

And if you used my save from the other thread then you will find yourself on 880G with only the 5 Multiplayer Achievements to get.